The Proven Value of AWP

Streamline Turnovers by Collaborating Early on Work Package Development


Turnover Documentation

As often occurs, the development of the Turnover Packages (TOP) was left to the end of the project. This caused a delay for the Commissioning & Start-Up Team in commencing their tasks, increasing costs for the facility, and adding additional cost for a dedicated team to assemble the Turnover Packages in an expensive and inefficient manner.

AWP + O3 Improvement

In following the AWP Best Practice, IWPs are developed with Turnovers in mind. During the development of the CWPs, Commissioning & Start-up and Operations are consulted on all the Turnover requirements. This includes the system definitions, required Turnover documentation, and the TOP architecture.

The IWPs are developed to ensure a seamless transfer of information to the TOPs, and this issue can be efficiently addressed. O3’s Reporting & Analytics component provides visibility and accountability for all project stakeholders and helps identify any issues with the sharing of pertinent information.

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