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AWP Implementation Toolkit

Starting out on an AWP journey can seem like a daunting prospect. Typically, you will find yourself in the position of having a blank piece of paper for your internal process and a mountain of available data from the industry that tries to explain the concept.

The major difficulty for companies, and in particular for the AWP Champion, is knowing where to start and what order to do everything in. That is typically combined with the availability of consultant companies who will offer to work with you to create your strategy.

That is why O3 is producing the AWP implementation toolkit. We want to help companies that are starting on their AWP journey to understand a systematic, step-by-step approach for implementing AWP, using a sample project. And we want to step away from the abstract, from the theory. By making this real, using actual models, real-world examples, and project-specific content, we aim to make the deliverables relatable and easy to understand for project professionals.

One of the things we want to tackle is a simplification. There is a lot of information about AWP, and it’s easy to get flooded with detail. But, for all of the detail, the message sometimes lacks a headline.

Some tools, like the AWP Primer from CII, try to distill AWP down to its basic components, which is a great start. But we want to provide this whole toolkit in a way that doesn’t scare people off and make them think they need a Ph.D. in astrophysics to understand it. We want to make the project situations relatable, and the detail appropriate for the audience.

So what’s the plan?

The toolkit will be a series of deliverables, which will be released in the order that they are needed on a project, following the standard project phases and stage-gate process. We will start with the requirements for learning about AWP and how to make it applicable to your company. This will include assessing the Return On Investment (ROI) and building a business case. Then we will provide the foundations, such as an AWP procedure and workflow diagrams, to act as a starting point for your process.

The remaining deliverables will step through the project phases, starting with FEL2/Select and running all the way to commissioning. In each case, the deliverable will include a basic document, so you can understand what was done and why. The deliverable itself will be provided in native format, allowing you to use it and configure it to your own organization.

The good news is that all of this information will be available for free, so that anyone can access and use it.

Why would you get this information from O3?

Firstly, we aren’t going to tell you that we have all the answers. Nobody does. That’s why we held three workshops to meet with AWP practitioners from around the world to understand what content they thought should be included in the toolkit. Recordings of those workshops are available on our website.

But O3 is the first and only software solution dedicated to supporting AWP across all project phases. We know what is needed to make AWP work.

And our team has years of real-world experience creating and rolling out AWP programs, from scratch, for various organizations across North America.

If you are responsible for making AWP work for your organization, we have been in your shoes. And we will share this experience, coupled with the most advanced AWP software on the market.

When will the information be released?

The deliverables will be created throughout 2022 and released on a monthly basis. They can be accessed through the Resources tab on the O3 website.

AWP Implementation Toolkit

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