AWP Terms & Definitions


AWP Advanced Work Packaging
BOM Bill of Materials
CII Construction Industry Institute
CM Construction Manager
COAA Construction Owners Association of Alberta
CWA Construction Work Area
CWP Construction Work Package
EPC Engineering Procurement, and Construction
EWP Engineering Work Package
GF General Foreman
HSE Health Safety and Environment
IFC Issued for Construction
IFP Issued for Procurement
IMM Integrated Materials Management
IPP Interactive Project Planning
IWP Installation Work Package
LWP Labor Work Package
MRR Material Receiving Report
MTO Material Take-off
MTR Material Test Report
MWP Module Work Package
POC Path of Construction
PWP Procurement Work Package
QC Quality Control
TIC Total Installed Cost
TOP Turnover Package
TWP Test Work Package
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WFP Work Face Planning


Advanced Work Packaging A disciplined approach to improving project productivity and predictability through coordinated development of well-defined, constraint-free work packages that are aligned with an optimized path of construction. AWP supports enhanced execution at the work front that reduces unproductive, non-value added time and increases performance reliability and delivery predictability through alignment of planning and execution activities throughout the project lifecycle.
Constraints Any information, tools, materials, access issues or otherwise that prevent or delay the safe and successful execution of work in its entirety.
Construction Work Area (CWA) A geographic division of work, as defined by Company in the Technical Requirements.
Construction Work Package (CWP) A defined scope of construction work that is constrained to a specific geographic area and typically a single discipline.
Engineering Procurement, and Construction A prominent form of contracting agreement in the construction industry. The engineering and construction contractor will carry out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all the equipment and materials necessary, and then construct to deliver a functioning facility or asset to their clients.
Engineering Work Package (EWP) A defined scope of engineering work that is aligned with a construction work package to allow engineering to align its efforts with those of construction.
Foreman A person responsible for the direct supervision of one labor crew in a single discipline, executing the IWPs in the field, with typically (1) foreman to (10) crew members.
General Foreman A person responsible to supervise up to (5) Foremen in a single discipline.
Installation Work Package (IWP) Aa single discipline subset of a construction work package that is designed to provide a crew with work scope for a single rotation (generally one weeks’ worth of work). IWPs are defined by a scope of materials, and other essential components, along with a set of detailed work steps to track the progress of installation.
IWP Release Plan A single control document to be generated and maintained by Contractor to track and communicate the current status of each IWP.
Path of Construction (POC) Refers to the sequence in which different areas of the plant will be constructed.  Certain factors such as the ability to position large equipment and long lead items must be considered when determining where construction efforts will begin and how they will progress through the geographic layout of the project.
Path of Engineering Refers to the most efficient sequence of delivery of well-engineered high value solutions.
Procurement Work Package (PWP) A discrete division of procurement work aligned with an EWP.
Production Design The process of designing an optimized production strategy for configuring work package types and workstreams (i.e. EWP, CWP, IWP, etc.) or integrating production plans, work packages, or a component of each to deliver the project
Superintendent A person responsible to supervise up to (4) General Foremen in a single discipline.
Test Work Package (TWP) A discrete inspection or test package aligned with CWP and IWP readiness.
Turnover Package (TOP) A discrete turnover package aligning systems with TWP, CWP, and IWP readiness.
WFP Champion An individual nominated by Contractor who shall be responsible on a dedicated basis to represent Contractor in all aspects of the WFP process and whose duties include being responsible for promoting, implementing and overseeing the WFP process for the Contractor and for proposing continuous improvements.
WFP Facilitator An individual assigned by Company to work with Contractor’s WFP personnel to facilitate the definition and sequencing of individual IWP’s from the Company perspective including facilitating the identification and removal of Constraints.
WFP Lead An individual assigned by Company for leading the collaboration with Contractor’s WFP personnel to integrate work fronts and overseeing the development and management of IWP’s
WFP Manager The individual assigned by Company as the person responsible for the overall WFP process for the Project.
Workface The geographic location at which the physical construction activities are performed primarily by craft labor as part of the Work.
Workface Planner Dedicated Contractor personnel whose responsibilities include defining the scope and sequence of IWPs within an CWP well prior to field execution, producing timely deliverables and identifying and expediting the removal of constraints for the IWP’s assigned to the Contractor.
Workface Planning (WFP) The process of organizing and delivering all the elements necessary, before work is started, to enable craft labor to perform work in a safe, effective, and efficient manner.  The WFP process develops and manages the release of constraint-free work to the Workface through well-defined IWPs.