What’s New in Advanced Work Packaging Technology?

The latest tools and solutions for a successful AWP program

Many companies and organizations are beginning to accept and adopt Advanced Work Packaging methodologies as a best practice for industrial construction projects. It sounds great and it works if implemented properly. But the struggle lies in what to do next? How do implement a methodology across a massive company or multiple stakeholders and contractors? With the methods in place, you need technology solutions to support the theory. We’ll take a look at some of the leading technology solutions to assist in your AWP journey to success.

Implementation Time Has Improved

By using a modern, SaaS platform, like O3 Solutions, implementation for technology across your organization can be measured in weeks, not months. If the technology you’re using isn’t scalable in weeks, then it’s likely not as effective and poses risk for failure of adoption with change management. You need a solution that is quick and easy to implement, but one that also works!

Self-paced training courses has drastically improved the implementation time as well. O3 is excited to be partnering with Concord Academy to deliver a more comprehensive implementation for your organization, especially in the time of Covid-19 with virtual training a necessity. Being able to train remotely is critical to success and very important to the industry right now. It also must be done in order for AWP to be adopted across the organization.  

Engineering and Procurement AWP Improvements

Adopting of AWP at the engineering level is critical to success. With the introduction of new solutions to support Engineering Work Packaging, it is now easier for Engineering to adopt AWP. Engineering directly benefits from AWP by leveraging the agile methods such as springs to take the larger pieces of work and breaking them down into more manageable well-defined packages and daily tasks. O3’s ONDesign solution is purpose-built to support Engineering and Procurement within AWP. It is a technology that truly improves the processes for Engineering and Procurement which has typically been left out of the AWP framework.

Graphical Work Packaging

New to the scene is the ability to do status visualizations as well as graphical creation or scoping of work packages. With the introduction of Autodesk’s Forge Viewer and the integration of BIM 360 and O3 Solutions, you can now pull in drawings and other information when creating work packages within our platform. Our software also supports 3D models of any type or size. This is the game-changer – the ability to support very large models in a SaaS environment. Prior to this technology, disparate tools and solutions were being used to manage work packaging, making the process difficult and cumbersome. Now you have the ability to efficiently and easily do so within one user-friendly solution.

AWP Technology to Meet You Where You Are

It’s also not realistic to expect every organization to be on the same level when it comes to AWP maturity. That’s why a scalable technology solution is needed to “meet you where you are” for a successful implementation. O3’s comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to do just that. Our robust toolset has a solution for every phase of the project lifecycle. O3’s solutions are built so that you can manage by exception and take proactive action. Our solutions support AWP by allowing you to drill down into the data and take corrective action. We offer a complete packaging solution to meet you where you are and to maximize your AWP success.

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