Virtual Event | October 27-29, 2020

Advanced Work Packaging: Improving Construction Performance Through Process and Technology

O3 Solutions is participating in the AWP 2020 Virtual Conference this year as a participant and sponsor. Some of the best industry minds are gathering to discuss ways to improve construction projects through AWP methods and technology improvements. Don’t miss the plenary and breakout sessions featuring O3 Solutions!

CII Presents: Advanced Work Packaging Community of Business Advancement (CBA) Overview
Learn how to ramp up a successful AWP implementation program for your project, company and career.

October 27, 2020:


Breakout Session

Come learn how the CII AWP Community of Business Advancement (CBA) is ramping up the programmatic implementation of AWP on multiple fronts and how you can get involved to improve your project, company and career!  This session will provide an overview of the CII AWP CBA and some of the outstanding AWP tools and initiatives including:  the AWP Educational Primer, AWP Capabilities and Value Assessment Tools; and new initiatives for data, modularization and scaffolding.   If you have a passion for AWP; plan on attending this CII AWP CBA breakout and join the collective that is changing the construction industry!

O3 Solutions Presents: One Giant Leap for AWP
How a Regional Office Scaled from 1 to 50 AWP Projects in a Month & Other Exciting Case Studies

October 27, 2020:


Case Studies

In this session, Josh Girvin, O3’s CEO will share success stories with O3 clients that have implemented a “crawl, walk, run” approach to take projects and portfolios from zero to hero in a short amount of time. Introducing AWP isn’t always easy, but with the help of cloud-based technology and automation purpose-built to support AWP – along with a robust Partner Network, O3 has helped Owners, EPC firms, and Contractors achieve self-sufficiency quickly.

Some case study highlights we will dive into:

  • Scaling AWP from zero to 50 small projects in less than 30 days
  • Launching self-paced AWP training and certification during COVID
  • Rolling out AWP on a 10 billion dollar project with 26 integration points in 5 weeks
  • Introducing agile project management methods for teams outside of execution
  • Creating work packages across disciplines, with and without a 3D model
  • Tracking the direct correlation between AWP and time on tools and safety

Join us to hear “tales from the field” collected by our experienced AWP implementation team and get inspired to launch your own successful program.

So, You’ve Conquered Your Data Challenges: Now What?

October 29, 2020:


Plenery (Main Sessions)

With research findings published in 2020 that address some of the key challenges around AWP data, we now have CII-endorsed recommendations around AWP data requirements and data attributes, how to improve the visibility of our supply chain with digital threads… does this mean we’re done, and our data challenges have been overcome? No! There are new considerations for the owner, the contractor and the technology provider to consider.

In this one-hour presentation, world-leading construction project owners Shell and LyondellBasell will be joined by global EPC Fluor and technology & implementation support providers Autodesk and O3 Solutions for a Ted-Talk style presentation in which they’ll ask the question: “What is not happening today that would happen if we didn’t have AWP data challenges?”. In doing so, they will consider the implications of the recent CII AWP data research on the following critical areas – and more:

  • Continuous improvement through meaningful cross-project reporting (including, but not limited to intelligent data analysis, data integration, data standardization and shared visibility)
  • Contract strategy (E-P-C breakdown, lump-sum data exchange, and the data connection – how shared data provides visibility, which generates trust and enables integrated project delivery)
  • Scalable Advanced Work Packaging (particularly small cap projects)

This session will cover a lot of ground and will be an enlightening discussion about how to use the latest research – combined with previous developments – to continue to move forward and optimize AWP programs.

Shell Presents: Proactively Navigating COVID-19 to Continue Your AWP Journey
How Shell Has Pivoted to Meet Project & Portfolio Needs
Thursday, October 29
11:AM – 12PM

With the considerable changes we’ve seen this year due to COVID-19, it isn’t surprising that AWP programs have also been impacted. Project teams across the world have had to quickly shift to address the needs of an ever-changing environment. Join this session to hear how Shell has:  

  • Ramped up the use of digital tools to support remote collaboration
  • Introduced online, self-paced AWP education and training
  • Shifted the focus of the AWP program from mega project implementations to small cap scalable portfolios
  • Leveraged technology to self-perform productivity audits in order to reduce exposure on jobsites  

Noah Smithwick, the Project Engineer & AWP Implementation Lead of the Shell Gulf of Mexico Deep Water Portfolio and Josh Girvin, CEO of O3 Solutions, will share how the Shell AWP program has expanded rapidly, even under very unique circumstances. They will share how the implementation is progressing, advice for others in a similar situation, and what’s next.

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