O3 & Data Management

Discover how O3 supports Advanced Work Packaging with data.

O3 is a modern web-based platform that manages construction data across the entire project lifecycle from concept through commissioning. As the only software suite purpose-built for full project Advanced Work Packaging, we have many different solutions built to meet you where you are in your AWP journey. Our software is highly scalable and can be used on small brownfield projects, mega greenfield projects and everything in between. By managing portfolios of small cap projects in a single modern web solution, data management for AWP is no longer cost prohibitive.



Save an Estimated 70 Hours per Week

by automating data reports

O3 & Data Management

O3 is designed to consume and manage data from all project systems including engineering, document management, procurement, materials management, scheduling and more. O3’s data management tools make it simple to know what data is required and whether that data is being received in a timely and complete manner. Check out the resources below to learn more about O3’s industry-leading data management capabilities.

O3 Data Advanced Work Packaging
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O3 & Data for Virtual Construction Models (VCM)

O3 supports the consumption and display of over 70 different 3D model formats in its embedded web-based model viewer. O3 supports consumption of all of the additional data such as pipe fabrication (PCF), steel fabrication (ICF), line lists, equipment lists, and everything else that is required to construct a fully attributed virtual construction model (VCM). O3 stores this fully attributed component data in its construction component database which allows for the graphical scoping of installation work packages as well the status visualization of constraint analysis and progress at the component level.  This visualization aids in the efficient creation and sequencing of installation work packages. 

O3 Data Series Webinar: Creating an AWP Data Strategy

Presented by O3 Solutions and Insight AWP

O3 partner company, Insight AWP, implements work packaging in the field and depends on good quality software to manage their process – which relies of course on good quality data. Their team helps project teams define the data requirements needed to support a healthy Advanced Work Packaging program. O3 leverages this well-organized data to enable automation of the work packaging process and ultimately drive users to efficient execution.

Watch this webinar to learn more about how the partnership between AWP consulting firm, Insight-AWP, and O3 is delivering world class AWP data management on projects across the globe.


O3 & The Value of Data

Consolidating your AWP data into a single software solution is critical to AWP success. Below are some examples of how O3 has helped eliminate AWP data challenges:

  • When data is managed in multiple sources, software licensing restrictions prevent people from having access to all the information that they need.
  • When data is all visible in one platform, it is automatically compared across ALL sources making any inaccuracies or inconsistencies obvious and simple to address.
  • Consolidating all constraint related data into a single system is the only way to ensure that you can release constraint-free work packages to the field.

O3 & Data Series Webinar: Managing Data to Enhance Advanced Work Packaging

AWP data management often focuses on the Virtual Construction Model (VCM) as this is an area where many software solutions struggle to load and manage all the data necessary to fully attribute the model. While it is important to get your 3d model data correct in your construction automation tool, it is equally as important to correctly manage the rest of your AWP data as well.

Watch this webinar to learn how AWP data management extends well beyond the Virtual Construction Model (VCM) into managing non-graphical WorkFace planning data and constraint data.  

O3 Data

O3 & Data Consumption

O3 has never encountered a data set that could not be easily brought into the solution. O3 is extremely flexible in that it supports RESTful APIs for real-time bi-directional integrations as well as flat file import / export for less sophisticated solutions and web hooks for on-demand data exchanges. O3’s Client Success Team works with each project or facility to understand the unique data integrations needed to support where you are in your AWP journey. If you are still relatively new to AWP, you may only want to connect a few sources, such as a materials management system, your P6 schedule, and a couple of Excel spreadsheets. If you are new to AWP data management, that’s not a problem, O3 has a standard set of AWP data requirements that will guide you to understand the fields, format, and frequency of data that is required for your AWP project. 

O3 Data Series Webinar

Using Data to Support Work Packaging with a 3D Model

Join O3 resident data expert, Justin Francis, to discuss how AWP can be enhanced with the right data attributes to support a 3D model and graphical work packaging.

data integrations o3 solutions

O3 Data Case Study

The original intended use for O3 on this LNG facility was constraint management. In the beginning, we got to work on configuring the work package workflow and constraint management requirements as quickly as possible. However, at the same time, we started the process of evaluating the data involved to see how we could make people’s lives easier by bringing additional data into O3.

This client has documented a savings of 70 hours per week from the elimination of manual reporting alone. This does not account for the productivity savings in the field that results from the release of constraint-free installation work packages that is also powered by O3’s data management capabilities.

How O3 Supports & Manages Project Data

O3 has compiled our data resources and information on the importance of data management using the best software on the market for your projects. Download this essential ebook to learn how O3 can support your data and manage it on all projects and portfolios. 

o3 data management

Who Wins


  • Consumers of reports no longer need to track down relevant information. It is available to them in an easy to consume visual format anytime and from anywhere


  • Progress on Engineering Work Packages and engineering owned constraints such as drawings is automatically available to construction without engineers having to change their process

WorkFace Planners

  • Proper attribution of the VCM drives automation making IWP creation five times faster than the manual, non-graphical approach
  • Constraint management automation through data integration transforms the role of the WorkFace Planner from a reactive chaser of information to a proactive planner

Everyone else

  • With unlimited users, anyone can be added to O3 to view the data you want them to see, eliminating licensing restriction issues of other project tools
  • Consolidated views of the entire project data set leads to a reduction in miscommunications and an increase in collaboration
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