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Keeping It Loose Helps Us Stay Serious

Professionalism has a whole new meaning today. It may have a new look and feel compared to past times, but it still resides as a key component of a successful...
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Using Agile Planning in My Daily Life

Updated: Jun 13, 2019 I’ve been in the software industry for over 15 years now. In the early days, I was part of a small startup company that began building software...
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Results You can Expect

Change Is Here To Stay

How Your Construction Company Can Embrace It There are obvious parts of any construction company that can’t be digitized – take the actual construction of the facility for example. However,...
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predictive analytics

Is It Too Late to Go Digital?

3 Questions Industrial CEOs Need To Ask Themselves The new normal is here whether you were ready or not. It is a remote and digital work environment. The big questions...
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About O3 Solutions

O3 Solutions Selected as Part of the 2020 Endeavor Cohort

O3 is excited to announce that our co-founders – Josh Girvin, Jared Elliott, and Mandi Coker – have been selected to be part of the 2020 Endeavor Scaleup Program. This...
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The WorkFace Planner’s Role Is Changing Dramatically

Technology is making life easier for the WorkFace planner WorkFace Planners are accustomed to using manual processes and tools to creak work packages. This can range from spreadsheets in excel...
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