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Blog Series: How O3 Supports AWP

TOP 10 ADVANCED WORK PACKAGING MYTHS YOU SHOULD IGNORE The most common myths debunked by Subject Matter Experts, research and tools According to the Construction Industry Institute, Owners, EPC firms,...
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O3 Solutons AWP

Blog Series: How O3 supports Advanced Work Packaging

Based on the latest CII AWP Research Report Advanced Work Packaging is gaining more and more popularity among industrial construction companies since being deemed a Construction Industry Institute best practice...
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From the O3 Customer Success Team Using a new technology can be intimidating. There’s so much to learn! Once you get over the initial shock of trying something new, you’ll...
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Top 3 Tech Changes in Industrial Construction

Industrial construction is undergoing a massive shift in the way projects are managed. Traditional methods for project management include spreadsheets, sticky notes, and printed pdfs among other manual and disparate...
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Finally, A Single Platform to Truly Manage Work Packaging

Managing work packages has historically been complex and challenging.  The process has required separate project stakeholders to use multiple systems, leveraging a variety of disparate data sources.   Teams are still doing it manually today through a variety of processes and tools. THE CURRENT PROCESS An installation work package is first initialized from a “parent” construction...
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Top 5 Productivity Stats Industrial Construction Can’t Ignore

Industrial construction is a slow-moving industry to truly adopt digital processes and transform into using more modern project management methods. This list comprises of the top 5 reasons agile project...
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