2023 AWP Conference Houston

Here’s what you missed at the 2023 AWP Conference Houston. Contact O3 to request a demo if you missed seeing us at the booth! 

“The Advanced Work Packaging conferences are supported by the Construction Industry Institute (CII). Since 2009, this has been the premiere forum for thought leadership in Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and WorkFace Planning (WFP).”

-Group ASI 

The O3 Solutions team hosted over 50 colleagues, clients and partners for an after party event at the Houston Rockets game in the Draft Kings party suite. 

AWP Conference Recap - Breakout Sessions

Metrics, How Do We Know If We Are Successful? And AWP for Engineering. 

In this session O3 led a two-part discussion. In the first part, Andrew Foy presented on the importance of Key Performance Indicators and metrics to AWP implementation and adoption. This included a review of a free Excel tool for consistent tracking of a series of industry-standard KPIs for Engineering and Construction.

In the second part, Josh Girvin presented with members of the CII CBA to discuss how AWP benefits Engineering. This joint working group included Owners, EPCs, vendors, AWP consultants and AWP software providers. They have developed the AWP Leading Practice Document for Engineering. Attendees learned the ways engineering can support construction and operations, the value of AWP for engineering directly, data support for AWP in Engineering, contract requirements for AWP in engineering, and overcoming culture barriers.

Click the button to download a copy of the presentation and email us to learn more at info@o3.solutions. 

“AWP Doesn’t Work” – An Attempt To Bust This Myth

In this session O3 tackled some of the biggest myths and barriers relating to AWP implementation, leveraging over seven years of experience from hundreds of projects. O3 showed how AWP can provide significant improvements in project performance, and highlight the technology that can be used to support your AWP needs and accelerate your maturity journey. Whether you are getting started in AWP, or looking for ways to super-charge your performance, this session was a must-see.

Click the button to download a copy of the presentation and email us to learn more at info@o3.solutions. 

AWP Conference Recap - Plenary Sessions

Real Time Progressing and Visualization

Andrew Foy joined an industry leader panel to discuss the varying ways real time progressing and visualization should be done within AWP. He showed technology to support AWP that features progressing and visualization. 

Click the button to download a copy of the presentation and email us to learn more at info@o3.solutions. 

Case Study – What does good look like? 

During this plenary Jay Moser, presented on what good should look like for an AWP program. He explained several strategies as well as introduced a case study that showed how O3 Solutions cloud-based AWP software delivered improved project results. These real-world examples of how AWP was implemented and successfully executed gave the audience insight into how software can be used to support AWP.  

Email us to learn more at info@o3.solutions. 

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