2022 AWP Conference Europe

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2022 AWP Conference Europe: O3 Breakout Session from Day 1

The Gold Standard in AWP Technology: Lessons learned from 300+ implementations

Using planning methods like Workface Planning (WFP) and Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) on your projects is only half the battle. The rest is derived from incorporating software or digital tools to realise maximum value. Digitalization and automation make all the difference when it comes to successful project delivery and can save your project significant time and money, among other benefits like predictability, quality, and safety.

In this session, you’ll learn the value of a ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach to introducing digital tools the right way. You’ll also discover that you don’t have to implement full AWP on every project right away. We will share tips and lessons learned we’ve documented working with 300+ projects to successfully roll out AWP in a meaningful way.


  • Andrew Foy, O3 VP of AWP and Construction Excellence
  • Josh Girvin, O3 Founder and CEO
2022 AWP Conference London
2022 awp conference london
2022 AWP Conference Europe: Main Session

Finding "The One": How to Choose an AWP Pilot Project (and Make the Case for Implementation)

Introducing the CII Selection Criteria and ROI Tool
It is not always easy to identify which project would make the most viable pilot for implementation. In this fun and interactive session, the subjectivity and uncertainty of that decision will be eliminated.


  • Andrew Foy and Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions
  • + Special guests (to be announced)
2022 AWP Conference Europe

Work Packaging: A Step-by-Step Guide

Click on the interactive image to learn about each step. 

Continue Learning About Advanced Work Packaging

O3 Solutions Resources
2022 AWP Conference Europe

AWP 101

We’ve compiled the latest information on Advanced Work Packaging into concise videos to help you better understand what it is and how to get started. 

2022 AWP Conference Europe

Advanced Work Packaging Toolkit

AWP was recognized as a CII Best Practice in 2015. There is a LOT of information about AWP, so it can be difficult to know where to start. Below, we will focus on the key information sources and most easily accessible information.

The intent for this toolkit is to provide help and guidance for people and companies looking to start their AWP journey. Each deliverable will be structured as a logical, sequential part of the process, and the resulting toolkit will provide a step-by-step guide to AWP implementation and execution.


Expert opinion on the latest industry topics. 

Case Studies

Real success stories from the field and job site. 


Topics from software to AWP to industry trends ONDemand.

Must-Have Checklists

The essential lists to help you start your AWP journey. 

o3 pricing
2022 AWP Conference Europe

Advanced Work Packaging ROI Calculator

Designed by construction technology experts and AWP subject matter experts, our solutions will generate a true return on investment for your AWP program.

Calculate your potential savings below with our O3 ROI Calculator and then Contact Us for a demo to see the O3 platform in action!

2022 AWP Conference Europe

Advanced Work Packaging Health Assessment

The following is a quick assessment of your company or project’s familiarity and maturity in implementing a successful Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) program. Based on your responses, O3 can provide recommendations on ways to align your program with the AWP best practice.

awp health assessment

Learn How O3 Can Power Your Projects

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