Get to Know O3

This month we’re taking a look at some of the unique features of O3 to help you get to know us and our product better. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite things from the entire team below. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to learn more at 


  1. As developers, we use the best tools and latest technologies, protect time, have the ability to focus, and direct interactions and feedback from end users.
  2. Developer management is top-notch – they keep things interesting and fresh while keeping the team engaged and delivering rapid value
  3. At O3 we do real agile not waterfall with ceremonies. 
  4. We have a bug database but it’s emptied every two weeks 
  5. Collaboration – a single platform that can provide status, updates, and structure with regard to the AWP process.
  6. Data – Consuming multiple formats of project data.
  7. Digital Twin – Linking project information graphically to give project teams a visual reference of the project data
  8. Listening to client feedback that leads to two dozen updates every year
  9. Helping to drive AWP forward with thought leaders such as DWPs and VWPs, which CII is now striving to catch up on
  10. A global team of dedicated SMEs
  11. Release every 2 weeks so the customer does not need to wait for years to get their desired features.
  12. A highly flexible and dynamic framework that easily converts design models to construction models.
  13. Easily integrates and maintains any information needed for construction into the Construction model such as fabrication information, drawings, documents, materials, schedule, execution tasks, progress, etc. through many sources.
  14. The “Crawl, Walk, Run” approach – process + technology implementation approach makes it easy to get started with AWP without feeling overwhelmed
  15. The mindset of the O3 team – innovative, tenacious, and service-hearted people that are truly here to help clients, partners, and other team members
  16. The simple elegance of the solution –  O3 is intuitive and built to support actual work happening in the field; get the information needed, make a decision quickly, and take action
  17. We want to enable you to use our product with as little help as possible, while our competitors want you to think you need them to do it
  18. We’re consantly improving our product, while our competitors will (maybe) release a handful of updates per year
  19. We know what o3 is and isn’t – this has helped O3 find its niche and let us further develop its strengths, making it a best-in-class solution
  20. Continuous improvement happening with every version released every two weeks considering not only internal inputs from SMEs but largely based on Client feedback to ensure their convenience too.
  21. Minimal disruption and change of clients’ process during implementation, O3 always have been adapting and helping clients to ease into using O3, letting them take sufficient time to be getting used to O3.
  22. Multiple pieces of training provided good support articles and fast responses to any queries from clients.
  23. Working for a company where the Agile method is understood and practiced from the top down is pretty awesome
  24. Getting to work with subject matter experts like Justin, who handles all the field support for industry-specific items like model data, so we can focus on software development
  25. Remote work & flexible life/work balance
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