O3_Insider: Software to Support AWP – SMARTStart

O3_Insider: Software to Support AWP - SMARTStart

SMARTStart – Implementing AWP Software 

By Mike Hellenga

Selecting the right AWP software is a critical step in your implementation journey, but it is only the first technology step. The effort doesn’t end there – in fact, it begins in earnest. Until you have successfully implemented the software, you aren’t in a position to enjoy the benefits and roll it out to your projects.  

Fortunately, O3 is uniquely placed to make this process smooth and painless. Our SMARTStartTM process will walk you through every step of setting up the O3 software to fully support your AWP journey.  

AWP is a process that sits in the middle of almost everything you do on a capital project, and touches almost every department or team. It cannot be effective in isolation. The same principle applies to AWP software; it will not flourish in a siloed environment. It needs to be a central hub for your project delivery process.  

To do this, it needs to interact with other technology that you use throughout the project lifecycle. For example, AWP software should interface directly with products such as:  

  • Document management  
  • Materials management 
  • Schedule 
  • Engineering 3D model 

These interfaces are critical for ensuring that you are maximizing the project data and avoiding duplicate entry or redundant work. You have paid for the model and all the attribution that is loaded into it, so make sure that you can use it for construction as well as engineering, to get the most out of it.  

O3 does not replace your other tools. We don’t come in to your project and tell you that you need to change all your existing processes to align to our technology. Nor do we try to advertise that our product can give you all the functionality of the other software that you always use. In fact, if someone tells you that their AWP software is so good that you don’t need your standard scheduling tool, document management tool or materials management tool, I strongly suggest you thank them for them time and show them the door.  

O3 maintains a “Best in Class” approach to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible AWP software functionality, while minimizing your change management concerns by tying into and exchanging data with your existing software.  

The other key differentiators that O3 has when it comes to implementations are:  

  1. We don’t push services 

We don’t want to sell you people. Our Project Management team are there to get you set up, configure the O3 software to your exact requirements, train your people on how to use it, and then step away. We won’t be pushing for you to have an O3 person as part of the project team, or the need for long-term remote support services. Always be wary of this when comparing pricing from suppliers, and factor it into the total cost of ownership. Lower software costs can very quickly be eroded as a benefit when they are combined with months of services hours to perform model conditioning or end-to-end runs.  

None of this is to say that we will abandon you. We provide on-going technical support that is available as-needed, rather than required. You get the comfort of knowing that we are there when you need help, without the cost of having our people regularly charging time to your project.  

  1. Implementations are measured in weeks, not months 

Time is very often of the essence when it comes to AWP software implementations, so it is important to understand how long it will take before you have a working solution.  

For our competitors, implementations can take months and require a huge amount of effort on the part of the Owner & EPC to provide, adjust, update and reconfigure the tools or information that will act as inputs to the AWP software.  

O3’s implementation process is smooth, simple and well defined. This allows our Project Manager to set standard deliverables at the start of the process and work with your team to source the data that we need, which is then quickly and seamlessly uploaded into O3 in a way that you can then replicate whenever the source data changes.  

We chose the name SMARTStart for a good reason. The O3 implementation process represents the quickest and most effective implementation on the market, allowing your project to get up and running with AWP and start reaping the benefits of well-planned execution.  

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